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Cape Town

Why is Cape Town one of the top destinations in Africa?

Cape Town has many famous landmarks like the Simonstown Naval Base, Table Mountain National Park as well as the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

The garden boasts plants from many regions of South Africa such as the Karoo.

Cape Town was “discovered” by the dutch east india company in 1652 by Jan Van Riebeeck and was used as trading post for many years where ships could dock and restock before continuing there Journey.

As part of this heritage the famous Castle in the city center is still available as a tourist destination to be visited today.

There are also a number of hike such as the popular Lions Head as well the infamous Devils Peak.

Cape Town also hosts a number of Vegetarian Restaurants. There are also many High quality Sushi bars and Fancy Grill Bars.

Many people go to Long Street for the night life and apparent all night parties. A number of bars are open till 2am and are popular local hang out spots.

Website Design Special

We found this gem from Cape Town Based Design Agency Nobody Famous. They are offering a full spec 5 Page website design for R4000. The only catch if you could call it that was the bill was to be paid upfront. In terms of service we received quality PDF mock ups of the planned site within 24 hours of sending them the creative brief. Nobody Famous Web Design department were very in-tune with Mobile Friendly Trends and Criteria.

They explained to us how designing for mobile first would help us in the long run of the project and why it was important. They helped us to understand that a large percentage of our users are now viewing sites almost completely from their mobile devices.

We found that their special was ideal for small business orientated websites. It gave us exactly what we needed to represent our businesses while allowing us to stay well within budget.

We learnt about the importance of a small business website. How we can boost our current marketing campaign to increase clicks to our website and turn these clicks into conversions and sales

African Sunrise Volunteering and Internships

African Sunrise is a company started by 2 South Africans and their Swedish friend. Swedish Direct Tania travels between South African and Europe. Liasing with potential volunteers while visiting her home town.

There are a number of volunteer projects which are offered for those interested in coming to stay and take part aswell as offering part of social internships which can be used as a boost for social work studies

Cape Town is a popular tourism location and creates a perfect opportunity for the volunteers to see the famous sights of the mother city at the same time. With well organised accommodation and amazing internship experiences a visit to Cape Town via African Sunrise is definitely recommended