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Cape Town

Why is Cape Town one of the top destinations in Africa?

Cape Town has many famous landmarks like the Simonstown Naval Base, Table Mountain National Park as well as the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

The garden boasts plants from many regions of South Africa such as the Karoo.

Cape Town was “discovered” by the dutch east india company in 1652 by Jan Van Riebeeck and was used as trading post for many years where ships could dock and restock before continuing there Journey.

As part of this heritage the famous Castle in the city center is still available as a tourist destination to be visited today.

There are also a number of hike such as the popular Lions Head as well the infamous Devils Peak.

Cape Town also hosts a number of Vegetarian Restaurants. There are also many High quality Sushi bars and Fancy Grill Bars.

Many people go to Long Street for the night life and apparent all night parties. A number of bars are open till 2am and are popular local hang out spots.

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