Website Design Special

We found this gem from Cape Town Based Design Agency Nobody Famous. They are offering a full spec 5 Page website design for R4000. The only catch if you could call it that was the bill was to be paid upfront. In terms of service we received quality PDF mock ups of the planned site within 24 hours of sending them the creative brief. Nobody Famous Web Design department were very in-tune with Mobile Friendly Trends and Criteria.

They explained to us how designing for mobile first would help us in the long run of the project and why it was important. They helped us to understand that a large percentage of our users are now viewing sites almost completely from their mobile devices.

We found that their special was ideal for small business orientated websites. It gave us exactly what we needed to represent our businesses while allowing us to stay well within budget.

We learnt about the importance of a small business website. How we can boost our current marketing campaign to increase clicks to our website and turn these clicks into conversions and sales

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